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from 1972

Mastro de Paja pipes are formed by the expert and hightly capable hands of craftsmen - famous pipes with the unmistakable sun brand, known and appreciated by connoisseurs throughout the world. Unique and inimitable because they are unrepeatable encounter of precious Mediterranean briars, with the sensitivity of the craftsman who, using art and inspiration, models them individually. And, in the modelling process, brings to light the most concealed and valuable qualities of the briar. Varied designs, original lines and a deriberately limited productions make Mastro de Paja pipes objects destined for the most demanding and refined collectionists. Beautiful and loved, they are also excellent pipes because they are worked with care by those who know them: a successful sinthesis of formal beauty and functionality. Rigorous controls and selections give Mastro de Paja pipes, right from the first smoke, that rounded taste which is then maintained intact for the whole of its long and extraordinary life.


Mastro De Paja's production lies in the hands of the artisans whose artistic background was formed at the School of Fine Arts and Academy of Urbino, the famous Raffael's city.
The knowledge of wood, great craftmanship experience, the taste in design, the selection and combination of colors, as well as being antentionally limited, create a final result of:
These articles are created for people of class who recognize valuables in life and appreciate its finest details; sensible people, like those who smoke pipes and cigars...
"Wise Smoke"

... and know how to gather meaning from everyday life and transform it into culture.

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